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hello everyone ^^ i'm sara ♥ I AM HOTTEST ♥ i love jyp family nice to meet you all ♥♥♥



Minjun: Since Junho is injured we have to do everything slowly
 Taecyeon: Okay then let me help you open your clothes slowly 
Junho: Wait, what? .....Taecyeon: What, what?..
Junho: *lets Taec opens his jacket*
Taecyeon: *there’s a shirt underneath the jacket* Eeeyyy *tries to pull shirt off to*  trans by:bbiyak25


16/ markjin’s moments | mark being adorable bunny around jinyoung

Taecyeon ± goofing off
taecyeon in dramas 6/?: cute goofy moments


The color that you think of when it comes to Nichkhun [2]

Angel/Devil Khunnie, eh Taec? XD

make me choose » jackseonwang asked: junho or jackson
                                     anonymous asked: taecyeon or junho

9/ Reasons To Love JYP Nation | JYP Nation forever says ‘NO' to 'JYP Whisper


make me choose:

anon asked jackson or chansung