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Hello everyone ^_^ i'm sara ♥ I AM HOTTEST & AhGaSe (I GOT7) ♥ i love JYP Nation nice to meet you all ♥♥♥


Big, Big booty

What you got a big booty ♫♪

​he can twerk better than your unnies

Wooyoung: we are here in the Philippines.

<urgently made hip-hop duo>

Junho: What’s up, man! The Philippines are our endorphin!

Wooyoung: Endorphin is our …

Junho: Dolphin? Sorry, I’m leaving.

Wooyoung: You should not eat dolphin meat. It’s illegal. Dolphins are under crisis of extinction. It’s a big issue.

<the hip-hop duo is not willing to finish their interview>


2PM Kakao Talk Group Chat (or how i think it would be)

Triple J trying to be innocent kitties.


140829 - 2PM  Incheon Airport - to Hong Kong